Porolissum Cane Corso Kennel Cluj-Napoca, is one of the top breeders in the world. I imported my Cane Corso’s from this top breeder.

I searched for years, trying to find a high-quality Cane Corso. I was unable to find the quality I was looking for in the United States.
So then I searched in Italy where the breed was revived. The problem was the price was around $10,000 from a quality breeder. Then I researched and found out about Porolissum Cane Corso from Romania.

I found out she started importing her Cane Corso’s from Italy 20 years ago when they weren’t so expensive. She has produced over 20 AKC champions, that now reside in America.
That’s when I purchased Gael Porolissum he became American champion in five shows. He won two majors back to back one was a regional major champion.

If you’re interested, I will give you the opportunity to own one of these high quality imports. Once you purchase the Cane Corso, I will help you with importing the dog and registering the dog with all the American pedigree offices.
We have 3 Black Males and 3 Black Females available now.