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Both of his parents are world champions. Mischa Goodson is registered with AKC, ICCF and FCI his international paper. Father CHAMP PACO POROLISSUM CANE CORSO, Mom KAROL DELLA VALLE DEI LORD All dogs have AKC and ICCF pedigree papers.
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These are our two female, puppies, Diva and Gigi. These two came from a breeder in Tennessee that imported two of Anca’s dogs. They both have an amazing bloodline.
Father King Messiah Cane Corso
Mom A- Stasia Porolissum Cane Corso
This is why we chose to breed Cane Corso.
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10 Facts About the Formidable (and Lovable) Cane Corso -American Kennel Club(akc.org)
We are registered in Columbia as a breeder. We will certify all of our dogs OFA to ensure that you have the very best dog.
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What Is OFA Certification and Should My Dog Have It? southseattlevet.com